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Fire damper

G- Galvanized Construction: SS*- Stainless steel construction:

GS*- Combination of Galvanized & Stainless steel construction

J C Cooling manufactures Curtain type fire dampers in his fire and safety product range. The product is tested and classified as per UL555 standards by UL. These dampers are installed in ducts and air transfer openings of HVAC systems, designed to close upon the detection of fire. Fire dampers when closed interrupt migratory airflow, close the passage of flame and maintain the integrity of the fire rated barrier.

“Fire dampers are typically rated for 1½ or 3 hours fire resistance. As per IBC Chapter 7 and NFPA90A Chapter 5 “ 1½ rated damper is sufficient for wall or floors having a rating of less than 3 hours. If the wall or floor has a rating of 3 hours or more, a 3 hour rated damper is required for sufficient protection”.

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