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Linear Diffuser

SLD – Supply linear diffuser; RLD – Return linear diffuser; 1 – Slot; 2 – Slot; 3 – Slot; 4 – Slot; 5 – Slot.

J C Cooling LLC Linear Slot Diffusers can be used in any indoor applications requiring long continuous lengths of air terminal. Normally installed in ceilings, they are suitable for use as both extract and supply units. The ability to handle large air volumes makes Linear Slot Diffusers also suitable for any building requiring large air change rates. In both supply and extract functions, the large 25 mm wide vents allow for exceptional air handling.

Most of the components made from aluminium extrusion, so Linear Slot Diffusers are both lightweight and strong, and as we only use top quality extrusion, bobbles and blade twisting are extremely rare occurrences. For extract applications, a standard Linear Slot Diffuser will easily fulfill your requirements. However, if supply is the intended function of your diffuser, we strongly r

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