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Ceiling Diffuser

SCD – Supply Ceiling Diffusers; RAD – Return Ceiling Diffusers. 1 – Way; 2 – Way; 3 – Way; 4 – Way.

J C Cooling LLC ceiling diffusers circular and square are suitable for the introduction of supply air or the removal of extract air in the ceiling. Ceiling diffusers have been a popular product for many years, and are often the standard air terminal in offices and shops. The geometric design is both aesthetically pleasing, especially when used in a square tile ceiling, and also enables a 50% free area to be created, retaining high performance when used for both supply and extract applications.

With one, two, three and four way blow diffusers available, J C Cooling makes every conceivable type of ceiling diffuser. We do hold four way blow ceiling diffusers in stock; with square sizes of 150mm, 200mm, 225mm & 300mm held in stock at all times in RAL 9010 / RAL 9016 finish, you can be assured of industry beating delivery times across all of

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