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Air Grilles / Registers

AG- Air Grille; AR- Air Register; S – Supply; R – Return.

J C Cooling LLC is manufacturing best designed air grilles / registers to suit in a myriad of indoors applications, Series SD Single Deflection grilles are suitable for supply or extract in walls, ceilings and ductwork. Single bank of individually adjustable blades, Single Deflection grilles are a step up from supply units like air valves. Able to handle much larger air volumes, and with the adjustable blades enabling throw to be directed anywhere in a single plane. With an aerodynamic design creating minimal turbulence, the fully extruded aluminium blades of Single Deflection Grilles allow throw adjustment, whilst keeping noise and pressure drops to a minimum. When being used for extract this result in the advantages of being able to handle greater air volumes.

With two banks of individually adjustable blades, Series DD Double Deflection grilles are more suited to supply applic

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